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Only a few hundred years ago the Shadaar were building their first steam engines and exploring the isolated regains of their planet. Now the Shadaar have colonized and control three star systems. This sudden change came with a price. When the Spanari discovered the Shadaar they were impressed with the Shadaars physical size and strength as well as their battle prowess but it was their planets natural resources that really sparked the Spanair’s interest. Pretending to be friends of the Shadaar the Spanari gave them technology and educated them in the sciences. They built great factories and took many of Shadaar into space. However it was all a ruse. The Spanari who found the Shadaar were fighting a intergalactic war and disparately required soldiers and resources.

Once the Shadaar discovered what was really going on it was to late. They were completely dependent on the Spanari and their technology. A hundred years of subjugation followed where the shadaar’s world was plundered for it’s natural resources and their people exploited for slave labor or shock troops. Ever a strong people the Shadaar fought for their freedom and eventually won it. The Shadaar and their world would ever be scared by the occupation but they had been reborn as a stelar power.

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