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The Corum are a strange species for sure. Not made of flesh and bone the Corum are made up of a nervous system that emits a telekinetic barrier that holds within it a super dense gas. This allows the Corum to live in environments that are deadly to the other species with some Corum able to withstand the vacuum of space for over an hour.

The Corum are organized into one tremendous empire with a very strict cast system. Each Corum is born into a cast that defines what they will do for the remainder of their life. Of the Casts the religious and warriors are the only casts with any chance for advancement with the leaders of the empire being from one of these casts.

The Corum are a fiercely proud people with a strong heritage. They hold a deep seeded beliefe that they are superior to the other species in every way. Most find this air of superiority off putting but Corum are often fiercely loyal and can be tremendous allies.

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