Spanari Legal System

The Spanari Legal systems centers around one core idea, reparations. Simply put they believe that all infringements upon their laws can be corrected through payment to the victims with a modest fee going to the local ruling body.

Typically charges are brought to the legal body by the local law enforcement agency. The charges are heard and the defendant makes their counter case. Once the cases have been made the legal body makes a ruling. If the defendant is cleared of charges they are absolved of all wrong doing in the matter and let free, however if they are found at fault then they are subject to heavy fines.

Once the guilty verdict is passed the defendant is put in holding, isolated from the outside world, while a auditor from the legal department looks over all of the defendants assets. Once the assets have been tallied the legal department takes a set fee along with 15 percent of the defendants total wealth. Afterwards the victim receives payment from the defendant’s remaning assets according to the legal department.

If the defendant can not pay some or any part of the fines then the legal department is payed before the victim. Then the defendant is sold into indentured servitude to work off the reminder of their fine.

If an individual want to bring someone up on charges they must first front the legal departments flat fee before they will even hear the charges. This is the same fee as the defendant will face if they are found guilty.

Everyone involved in the legal process receives part of their salary as a percent of the fines rendered during the case. This has been found to be a great motivator for everyone involved. Typically the percent is capped to prevent overzealous law enforcement.

The only time a case can ever be reopened is during an investigation of member of the legal department on charges of passing a guilty verdict on an innocent party. Typically an outside legal body is called upon to hear the charges leading to heavy opening fees. Everyone found guilty in these cases are stripped of all their possessions and sold as indentured servitude. The legal department takes its standard fee and the person bringing up the charges is payed well from the guilty parties assets. Also everyone found as falsely accused is payed the remainder of the assets.

Final Notes:
It should be noted that depending on the system and the ruling body the laws and their associated fines in Spanari territories vary wildly. However all the laws have one similar idea, their has to be a specific victim. That is someone must suffer monetarily before charges can be sought.

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Spanari Legal System

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