Act 4 The Creature

Living deep under Mining Outpost 4 lies a tremendous creature. An ancient Vissettick ship and it’s Queen. They are both the answer to all the players questions and their potential salvation. The ship and queen became lost after they attempted to flee a battle against a force of infected Vissettick. They failed a ftl jump and crashed on Cinnro Cyboe eons ago. It was discovered during the Corum colonization of the system over a hundred years ago when a young Corum Geneticist discovered it on a geological survey. Instead of reporting it Pern decided to falsify the report and hide it from his superiors. Long after the survey of the planet was finished Pern retured to the site and on his own dug to the huge cavern discovering the hibernating ship and Queen in a sorry shape. Something cracked inside of Pern and instead of announcing his discovery he instead decided to hord his new found knowledge in an attempt to gain personal power. In the following decades Pern unlocked many secrets of Vissettick genetic manipulation. Understanding the wealth of knowledge he had just discovered Pern began to develop his new techniques. Siphoning money from the Corum government he built his first facility under Andal enlisting the aid of Angelion an android who was also interested in finding organic perfection. The two worked together flawlessly for years before the authorities became suspicious over the missing funs and opened an investigation. Fortunately the Corum Spanair war began before Pern’s work was discovered and when Fen’dar took over the system Pern was in the clear once again. Pern learned from his past mistakes and covered his tracks better making it impossible for Tra’dok to track him down. However Pern miscalculated Tra’doks passion and drive. When he found his profits slipping Tra’dok looked to expand his margins by expanding his mining operation to mining outpost 4. Instead of having his operation discovered Pern revealed himself to Tra’dok and offered him immortality if he could just continue his work, however Pern was planning on betraying Tra’dok. The plot was discovered by Caliena’s Psychic powers. Instead Pern’s plan was turned against him and he was cloned and turned into Tra’doks slave. Once Tra’dok understood what it was that Pern was developing he understood what it could mean for him and his ambitions. If he played his cards right Tra’dok could easily rise to power and even become a dominate force.

Deciding to expand Pern’s research Tra’dok secretly built several new facilities and brought in experts in all manor of fields. It was at this time that the players first enter the story. They were members of a team tasked with the rebuilding of reactor 7 and the set up of the new facilities around the Vissettick ship. The leaders of their team were Johnious Rivington and his mate Coeniea, a pair of Spanari as well as a pair of Shadaar, Shelarth and Tsaray. As the team worked they began to uncover hints as to what it was they were working on. This wasn’t a simple research operation on a abounded ship. The amount of power diverted to the project was simply to massive. Eventually they discovered that the ship wasn’t just organic but also sentient. From the ship they learned of the missing Queen. Searching for her they stumbled upon the genetic experiments the creature Pern was running and Tra’doks plan to modify and dominate countless billions of people. Plotting with the Queen the players came up with a plan to free both Vissettick and end Tra’doks plans once and for all. However they made the mistake of bringing in more of their team. Johnious Shelarth and Tsaray were on board but Coeniea was terrified of what would become of them if they failed. Instead of helping them she went before Caliena and reveled their concerns over Tra’doks operation. Trying in vain to prove her team mates wrong. Instead all she did was tip Caliena off to the fact they they had discovered more about his plans then he wanted them to know.

Moving quickly Caliena had security forces move on the group and easily overpowered. She then added them to the genetic sample lists and stored deep under Cinnro city. Caliena then redoubled her efforts to contain the knowledge of the project by eliminated all members of the teams and replacing them with hybrid clones. This move protected the project from further exposure but gave Tra’dok a bit of a scare. Caliena was dangerous, she was efficient and ruthless and wouldn’t hesitate to simply have him replaced. So Tra’dok made the first move. He sent poisoned her but not to kill her. If she disappeared Fen’dar would become involved. Instead he entered her into the program and had her modified so that she could be easily controlled. From this point forward the project advanced quickly giving Tra’dok everything he wanted and more. Eventually he decided his original body was to fragile and so he instead decided to enter himself into the program and modify himself radically until all semblance of his old self was gone. He replace himself with a clone but ran things from the shadows deep in the caverns.

It was at this time that the Queen began to stur back to life. Learning about the players failed attempt to free her and Tra’doks experiments she began to move against him. The Queen was able to exert some control over the clones. Using this to her advantage she made it appear that the Caliena clone was braking down, as some of the clones did. When a new clone of Caliena was produced the Queen tampered with it making it more susceptible to her influences. The Queen then worked to build up this influence over Caliena until she could direct her. When Tra’dok moved to his next step in his plan, large scale clone introduction to the work place, the Queen had Caliena bring up the idea of cloned protectors to see how augmented clones would work. Directing Caliena she chose the players, specifically cloned versions of them that the Queen had augmented. She then directed Caliena to put them on the trail of Tra’dok and aid them.

The plane seemed full proof but as it was beginning Caliena began to fight back. Before the Queens control had been subtile but now it was direct and pervasive. A psychic war waged between the two until Caliena finally broke free, however not without cost. The Queen was able to scramble many of her memories of the past weeks confusing Caliena if only for a time. Now it was up to the players to solve the mystery and find the Queen.

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Act 4 The Creature

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