Zap AZ4


The Zap AZ4 is APEX technologies latest advancement in Electrolasers. The Zap AZ4 uses a low power laser to guide a discharge of electricity that easily incapacitates the target. Built with light weight polymers and sporting an all new stylish design the AZ4 comes in several tasteful colors to match any outfit. The Zap AZ4 is perfect for military and security personal as well as personal defense.

Skill: Simple
Damage type: NA
Range: 10/20/30 (+140)
Base Accuracy: -1
Ammo: Type 1 cell
Rate of Fire: 1
Damage: See Note
Power Consumption: 3
Reload: 2

One upper rail provide space for a small attachment.

Instead of dealing damage the ZAP AZ4 deals high amounts of stun, replacing the 1/2/3 of normal weapons with 3/4/5.

Further notes:
Zap guns work well in dry or low pressure environments however are hard to use in moist or humid environments. In these environments the electrical discharge could find a path of less resistance that leads away from the intended target. Providing a 1 or 2 step penalty.


Zap AZ4

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