Omen A3

weapon (ranged)

The Omen submachine gun has been completely redesigned. Now APEX technologies is proud to present the Omen A3. Built with the newest compounds the A3 is lighter and more reliable but still brings the same massive rate of fire and stopping power. Firing the standard 10mm caseless round the Omen A3 easy to use and maintain making it a good addition to for professional forces or safety minded civilians.

Skill: Small Arms, Simple
Damage type: HI
Range: 10/20/30 (+10)
Base Accuracy: 0
Ammo: 10mm (caseless)
Rate of Fire: 20
Fire Type: Burst
Standard Clip Size: 35
Reload: 3

One upper and one lower rail provide space for two small attachments.


Omen A3

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