Medical Pack


Medical Pack are required for some first aid and medical science checks. The supplies in the kit determine what checks can actually be made with it.

Medical Supplies:
Blood Packs: Blood packs are race specific and each restores 1 blood unit per 6 seconds with a total of 6 blood units per pack. Anytime a character undergoes surgery they require 1 blood pack per level of injury healed.

Pain Killers: Synthetic pain killers come in two forms, oral and injected. Both give a two step bonus to all resist pain checks but have different onset times. Injected pain killers take 2 seconds to begin acting but only last for 30 minutes where oral pain killers take 1 minute to begin acting but last for 6 hours.

Bandages: Simple gauss that allows for checks to stop bleeding. Each gauss can be used for one check.


Medical Pack

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