Heads up Lenses


The Heads up Lenses are contact lenses with a computer chip.

Heightened vision: The Heads up Lenses correct the wearers vision as well as heighten it giving them a one step bonus to all vision related checks. They also have a limited form of night vision that can be activated if they are linked to a device.

Heads up Display (HUD): The lenses can display a HUD over the characters normal vision. This does not impede or distract any character used to the HUD but rather provides additional information quickly. Once the Heads up Lenses are linked to a device any information the device can assess can be displayed on the HUD. Typically this includes remaining ammo, an area map or personell information.

Camera: The Heads up Lenses have embedded cameras that can record or relay information to any device linked to the Heads up Lenses. The Lenses do not have any storage space so they can not store any recordings. The sight of the lenses can be streamed to any device that it is linked to.

Technical issues:
The Heads up Lenses have a built in transmitter and receiver. These are required for the above functions to operate however it does make them somewhat venerable to hacking. The devices do come with countermeasures in the form of incepted signals but this can be circumvented by a cleaver hacker. Additional countermeasures can be added but some may slow down the devices operation.


Heads up Lenses

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