Hand Held Computer


Hand held computers are extremely common with almost everyone owning and using a basic version. These computer have a large amount of storage space and great processing power. These devices are combination touch screens with slide out key pads for ease of use. All of these devices have transmitters and receivers allowing them to link to other devices. These devices are the replacement for cell phones.

Types of Hand held
Basic: Pretty much everyone has one of these. They are cheap and easy to come buy. They have a good amount of storage space and decent processing power. However they aren’t really powerful enough to really run any complicated programs. Rather they are typically used as hubs for other devices. Any number of devices can be linked to them.

Ordinary: These are fairly common for people who want to use some complicated programs or want a more secure device. Basically they have more storage space and processing power.

Good: These are uncommon and are used by programmers and hackers alike. They have a considerable amount of storage space and processing power allowing them to use a number of complicated programs. These devices can really only run one or two programs.

Amazing: These devices are somewhat rare. They have a truly massive amount of storage space and a quite amazing processer allowing them to store a lot of programs and run several at the same time without issue.

Typical uses:
Beyond accessing the net or using them as coms people typically use these devices as hubs for their other devies. Linking in a brain stem computer, Heads up Lenses, smart sights and clips, medical montering devices and ship systems.


Hand Held Computer

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