Foton AF11 Gen3

weapon (ranged)

APEX’s Foton series AF11 Gen3 is their legendary directed energy weaponry. An exilent out of the packaging weapon the AF11 provides amazing precision and power. Equipped with APEX’s own innovations in ultra-capacitors the AF11 has an unparalleled recharge rate while still maintaining the same power level across each shot. Built from the best polymers and designed with comfort in mind the Foton AF11 is a fearsome weapon.

Skill: Simple
Damage Type: EN
Range: 20/30/40 (+10)
Base Accuracy: -1
Ammo: Cell
Damage: D4 + 2/4/7
Rate of Fire: 3
Power consumption: 1
Reload: 2

One upper and one lower rail provide space for two small attachments.


Foton AF11 Gen3

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