Edge Tsunami

weapon (ranged)

The Edge Tsunami is APEX’s latest advancement personal weapon for the modern battle field. The Tsunami’s lightweight but robust design allows for the weapon to unleash a hail of fire while still being easy to operate and maintain. Firing 10mm caseless rounds the Tsunami has only average stopping power when compared to other weapons it’s size but what it lacks in power it makes up with rate of fire and ammo capacity. This weapon is perfect for military and security personnel both private and nationalized.

Skill: Small Arms, Assault
Damage type: HI
Range: 10/30/60 (+30)
Base Accuracy: 0
Ammo: 10mm
Rate of Fire: 35
Fire Type: Single, Burst
Standard Clip Size: 60
Reload: 3

One upper rail provides for a small, medium or large attachment while a lower rail provides for a small or medium attachment.


Edge Tsunami

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