Edge Sport AES21


The Edge Sport AES21 is the ballistic rifle for the modern hunter. Compact and easy to handle the new Edge Sport is the hunters dream. The surface of the frame also employs Plex the new scientifically designed, real-world-tested, rough textured technology to ensure a firm grip at all times. Plex also protects the weapon from all environments ensuring that the weapon will fire under all conditions. Firing 5.7 caseless rounds the Edge Sport has amazing stopping power capable of bringing down any prey.

Skill: Rifle, Simple
Damage type: HI
Range: 15/40/70 (+70)
Base Accuracy: 0
Ammo: 5.7
Rate of Fire: 3
Fire Type: Single
Reload: 3

One upper and one lower rail provides for two small, medium or large attachments.


Edge Sport AES21

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