Brain Stem Computer


The BSC or Brain Stem Computer is a small device inserted at the base of the skull. It is connected with brain and central nervous system in several places. This allows the device to receive and process the thoughts of the uses.

The BSC’s primary function is to allow the users thoughts to control any devices it is linked to. Once the thoughts of the user is process it uses it’s built in transmitter to send the signal to the device allowing for a fast and seamless control of the device.

More advanced BSC’s have receivers as well as transmitters built in allowing for information to be directly sent into the users brain. This allows for even faster control of devices but does cause some strain on the user.

Technical issues:
The basic BSC’s are very hardy devices that can not be hacked simply because they have no way of receiving signals. However the more advanced devices can receive signal and so they can be hacked. These devices do have decent countermeasures but aren’t impervious.

The BSC’s are highly specialized devices and so can’t be used as computer terminals.

Typical use:
These devices are typically used in conjunction with Hand Held computers and Heads up Lenses. The BSC controls the the Hand Held, which displays the information to the HUD in the Heads up Lenses.


Brain Stem Computer

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